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  • Technology letters KROSSTORM nano fever cotton-padded jacket

Winter 2016, KROSSTORM intelligent frequency heating clothes - warmth of modern industrial technology products, the first appearance in China,
leading the new frequency of fever fashion.
So that intelligent frequency conversion into a new field of fever.

KROSSTORM through the storm and J-NOVAL joint development of this nano-fever service, the use of
carbon nanotube film as a component implanted clothes, extremely thin and soft features, so wearing body feel very comfortable,
the use of advanced nanotechnology, bid farewell to traditional heating wire,
At the same time have to wash, durable, safe features.

Fever clothing through the installation of the clothes with the heating (with 5000 mAh Bao Bao, can be continued for 8 hours),
efficient heat into a specific location, giving the body in a timely manner care.

Equipped with this Huawei charge Po, has won two industrial design class heavyweight awards, long life, do not have
to worry about any security risks. Clothing,
in addition to charging Bao can be washed outside, do not have any concerns!

Heating sensor built-in sensors and CPU chip can automatically calculate 36-40 degrees intelligent variable frequency
temperature control, the elimination of three-stage traditional switch, upgrade to frequency control,
built-in powerful smart chip and sensor to give the body the most appropriate temperature.

Temperature can also be arbitrarily set, quickly rose to set the temperature, the temperature reached automatically
after the inverter output power, continuous constant temperature, will not continue to heat.
To achieve truly intelligent frequency, and security without radiation.

Charge in peacetime can not be used when the mouth plug, you can play a very good waterproof effect,
so that no further security worries.

This smart frequency heating cotton, winter is indeed a good choice for outdoor, this section hides hidden in the collar,
can be opened at any time to pull out the use of zipper.

Nano-heating service using carbon nanotube film for the heat conduction, warm and comfortable,
intelligent temperature control, also received the European CE certification,
this certification is equal to the electronic field frequency security the most authoritative detection and certification of
harmless to human body is no radiation concerns (5 volts safe operating voltage, UL94V0 level protection).

Filled with 3M Thinsulate cotton thermal clothing, with a safe, moisture-proof, breathable, soft features.
Excellent comfort and lasting warm effect, in recent years the production of high-quality cotton clothing used by the most fabric.

This winter there is such a smart frequency heating clothes, wearing comfortable heart changes in temperature,
this winter has such a really successful!


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